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Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao Professional

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"Bird's nest!"! Come here Mo Yaochen suddenly reached out and grabbed Bai Yanxun's arm and pulled him to his side "Don't flirt with my sister until the neck-twisting woman is clear!" "I just said she was cute" "Tell me for the time being!" Bai Yanxun immediately said "Pipi" Mo Yaochen "" …… Because of dishonesty Jiang Yunxi was tied up with tape again Mo Yaochen threw her to the ground and bent down to sit down on the sofa Bai Yanxun looked cold He pursed his lips tightly "Have you practiced your skill since you were a child" Jiang Yunxi did not answer Bai Yanxun frowned he picked up the glass on the tea table and poured it 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm directly into her face "I'm asking you!" Jiang Yunxi choked saliva in her nose She had to raise her head Bai Yanxun looked at her coldly "Did you deliberately design the thing that you were turned" "Designed on purpose" Jiang Yunxi coughed his tone was somewhat self-deprecating "of course not me how could I be willing to do such a thing Yan Xun who else do you think would design this thing besides me" Bai Yanxun looked cold "You mean Grandpa"

"He in order to let you go back obediently really dig out the mood to you" Jiang Yunxi laughed as he spoke and everyone could hear the irony in his tone She did not talk nonsense this plan white old man is aware of he said let her use some methods to tie Bai Yanxun so that he had to come home The only difference is that the plan 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox is 14 to participate in the design let those men really is him Bai Lao did not know the relationship between Jiang Yunxi and 14 do not know Jiang Yunxi will really be round he thought  stared at his sullen face and kept smiling but Mo Yaochen suddenly made a sound He raised his eyebrows and looked at Jiang Yunxi "You should not be voluntary right" “……”

Jiang Yunxi clenched his palm and this subtle movement was captured by the man Mo Yaochen raised his lips with a smile and clasped his forefinger on the tea table "You can imagine that you and his grandfather designed this plan in order to force the bird's nest to go home In your opinion it's just a play But unexpectedly those men actually came and really turned you Brushless Gear Motor so you resented it and took the risk of slidinon't tell me that your spirit and body are separated unless you are the reincarnation of a living Buddha" “……”

Jiang Yunxi clenched his lips and did not speak for a moment Mo Yaochen sat back He put up his leg "A woman's mouth is hard You help his grandfather hide like this Is it difficult for you to Parallel Shaft Gearbox like his grandfather" Jiang Yunxi blurted out "it's not because I like his grandfather at all!" Mo Yaochen raised his eyebrows "finally admit it" Jiang Yunxi "" Bai Yanxun clenched his hands into fists His jaw was tight and his eyes were dark "So when you were a child in order to save me you and Grandpa made it up In order to make mas suddenly picked up with a bang against the wall behind him!

"Ah" Jiang Yunxi cried out Mo Yaochen clenched her shouleat force "Say sorry!" “……” "Apologize to my father!" Mo Yaochen clenched his teeth and roared "apologize to him now!"! Right away Jiang Yunxi pursed his lips and drew a touch of disdain in his eyes "So what if I say it's him You have the guts to kill him"  ichgearmotor.com