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Military wives in the seventies come from ancient times Professional

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Nevertheless the second aunt loves Ji Yingxia very much When she was not married she had a better relationship with Ji Yingxia's father For the only daughter of the younger brother of course she loved me and my dog very much Aunt Ji is diligent but also conservative especially the preference for boys over girls Although she is good to Ji Yingxia for the sake of his father she always mentions that if Ji Yingxia is a boy then her father will have a queen Ji Yingxia did not recover her memory before she did not say in front of Ji Yingxia now Ji Yingxia remembered everything she has nothing to worry about of course there is nothing x60 line pipe to worry about when speaking In her opinion what is the use of a girl getting married sooner or later As for Ji Yingxia and Ji Yingchun going to high school they were particularly opposed But Grandma Ji insisted that even if she had an opinion she couldn't do it In her own words what qualifications does a married woman have to take care of her family's affairs Ji Yingxia can unnd honest so good she does not want him to have any great ability As long as you can keep the home her requirements are not high if too smart she is worried that he will lose the home!

After all it is easy for people to think too much when they are smart and it is also easy for them to commit crimes Grandma Ji was very happy when her daughter son-in-law and grandson came Niang a few cooking in the kitchen by the way uncle and aunt they are still working in the field did not come back Ji aunt every time she came to cook has formed a habit So at noon today Aunt Ji is still cooking Did Yingxia agree When Aunt Ji heard her mother talking about Yingxia's marriage for Yingchun her voice was a little cold She had looked down on her sister-in-law before but she hadn't looked up to her now She hadn't 316l stainless steel pipe thought about it She hadn't come back for a while Her sister-in-law had taken advantage of Yingxia's marriage And eldest brother how dare he Was he worthy of his younger brother Grandma Ji knew that there was a good relationship between her youngest daughter and her youngest son She didn't want to say anything about it for fear of causing her youngest daughter's reaction But she was afraid that if she didn't say anything now it would be ugly if her youngest daughter made trouble later

It's easy for her to accept it if you explain it to her now Yingxia means that as long as the other party agrees that her future child has a surname of Ji she will be willing Ji Grandma sighed things are not perfect Xia Xia said so nothing more than to see each other's legs broken if each other's legs are good who agreed to this condition ah Even so she was embarrassed to open her mouth and tell the other party about it a333 grade 6 pipe That's OK so Gao Yao will have a queen! That's a good offer! Aunt Ji was chopping pheasants on the chopping boaray I think my surname is Ji so I'm a member of the Ji family" she said "You two don't earn it Xia Xia himself agrees!" Grandma Ji said "Xia Xia is big now and she has her own ideas about everything"

As a nurse I can only give her advice and make decisions for her but I dare x70 line pipe not do it "Niang no matter how old Yingxia is she is my niece I can't ignore it and no matter whether Yingxia agrees or not in this matter you let Yingxia suffer a loss Nianghem really think that no one cares about Yingxia If it wasn't because she was in confinement how could she not go to her little brother's funeral and use them to adopt Xia Xia The author has something to say Let's collect more!!!

Chapter 19 Granny Ji looked at her little daughter's expression and knew what she was going to do She quickly stopped her and said "Yanhui forget it You have to take care of everything Your married daughter is in charge of her family's affairs It sounds good to say so" Besides I have my own opinion on this matter so don't interfere in it lest you and your eldest brother make a mess! How will you go back to your mother's home in the future  lksteelpipe.com