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Liangsheng, can we not be sad 1 + 2 Professional

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"Bei Xiaowu" murmured saying what a coincidence I nodded and said yes what a coincidence! "Bei Xiaowu" stayed for a while and asked me "Aunt Jiang Sheng you won't really poison me to death will you If you want to poison me Wu Song will kill you! I shook my head and said "We are such good friends how can I do this"! "Bei Xiaowu" said you lie! Four years ago when Cheng Tianyou wanted to cut off the fingers of me and Liangsheng you could choose me! I remember x56 line pipe this account Tell you what! If I cross into Wared he threw small boots and hooves into the air to run at me while running while shouting adulteress adulteress

I hate this time travel Ah I Liangsheng and Beixiaowu were stunned "What" Asked Wu Song Did you come through time too The three of us nodded in unison x52 line pipe Yes Wu Song "gently oh said what a coincidence!"! Then he said no matter since it is through then hurry Simon and Jinlian poisoned Wu Da let him return to reality! I'll kill you both bring you back to reality and then I'll kill myself! Wuhu Star Entertainment is signing artists recently I donheng Tianyou's blade

Originally Liangsheng four years ago in reality my body can not stop him from hurting you; four years later through my body still can not protect you! Cheng Tianyou's eyes were full of burning anger one knife after another! Liangsheng fell in a pool of blood and the warm blood splashed all over my face my hands and my body I cried and fainted in his bright blood! Coming up Nightmare Nightmare In a coma a long nightmare When I opened my eyes x60 line pipe a light from the ceiling came into my eyes Snow-white walls white sheets I am in the hospital bed infusion I closed my eyes gently trying to block the harsh light However after closing my eyes the nightmarish picture in the dream is like a shadow-Liangsheng with y wounds Is it just because of his love for me In the name of love through his indulgence more insatiably demanding!

In his lonely shadow how much is the ash I gave In his lonely face how much is my sadness God bless I called him timidly tears streaming down my cheeks He turned around and looked at me when I woke up His eyes were as calm as a lake without waves He could not see the joys and sorrows clearly He raised his hand rubbed the gauze on his forehead and said "Are you awake again" Again I looked at him hesitantly How could I not be conscious This is the first time I woke up since I got to the hospital lksteelpipe.com