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I run a restaurant in another courtyard. Professional

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When Gu Anchi finished eating the hand-picked rice and wanted to take the bowl to the kitchen Gu Anyang told him "By the way tell your sister what Zhang Chengzhi said" "Okay I know" He almost jumped to the kitchen with the bowl put it in the cleaning pool and the dishwasher washed it for him and then he went to Gu Anqing again Like a puppy around its master it does not want to affect the work of the other party but also wants to be closer white marble mosaic to the other party "Sister the Taoist Zhang came again just now saying that his master Shibo wanted to talk to you during your rest time and asked if you could" "Hm" Talk to me Gu Anqing finished a salt crisp chicken filled three plates and put them aside and immediately a waiter came in and took the salt crisp chicken away Gu Anqing sent the useo to help choose food together!

There was really nothing he could do to help in the kitchen but he was already mature and practiced in choosing dishes Sometimes there were too many guests and occasionally the two helpers were too busy so he would help together That's how the experience was accumulated Then he ran to the kitchen door to help Because of the special offer today more guests came in the morning 15 tables most of them were chosen in the morning for fear of missing the special offer again in the afternoon Such an example has not been seen before But what they didn't take into account was that they started to reduce the number of tables today After reducing the number of tables by five pietra gray marble the remaining guests could basically eat special food It's just that the regular customers here have been worn out and have no temper How can they think so much It's right to come early if you can! So Gu Anqing was bue place on the other side of the pavilion and Zhang Chengzhi and several of his younger brothers were meditating in the same place

It has formed a unique landscape Seeing them coming Qingchen and Qingyan motioned to several disciples to stand up When Gu Anqing came over Qingyan immediately greeted her with a smile and made a Taoist salute to her "Gu Xiaoyou Lao Dao is polite here" There was a sense of inexplicable solemnity in his performance of a simple ceremony The others next to him also saluted one by one white marble slabs So that when Gu Anqing returned the gift Gu Anyang and Gu Anchi brothers could not help but learn to return the gift but they did it for the first time plus holding something in their hands the action looked a little irregular But the attitude is there after all You're welcome Taoist Please sit down! Gu Anyang and Gu Anchi put the teapot and teacup in their hands on the table in the middle of the pavilion and they sat next tved the cup and the younger generation did it Gu Anqing smiled "I'm flattered by the Taoist"

” She didn't spend too much time on this meaningless topic and soon came straight to the point "Is there anything the Taoist wants to say to me" Please speak frankly! In fact she had a slight guess in her mind feeling that the other party might have grey marble slab found something wanted to explore the situation from her if not too private she did not mind telling the other party But after waiting for the other side to open his mouth Gu Anqing knew that he had thought too much Qingyan half a sentence did not mention the special Gu Xiaoyou" Zhang Chengzhi and others "" I thought Shibo was going to talk to the other side about something but it turned out to be this

But when you think about it it's really great! As a result several people all lthat she did not answer and asked more thoughtfully "or did Gu Xiaoyou think there was something inappropriate" Ah yes I think of course that kind of food is certainly not easy to have if there is any problem Gu Xiaoyou can raise we will discuss! Chapter 57 forustone.com