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The old people in Shenjia Village couldn't sit still Although Shen had people in the capital they didn't come back easily Even if they came back they wouldn't give them any gold or silver at will It was just that the officials around them didn't dare to bully them There were sacrificial fields but there were many people and the patriarch had the advantage of taking the lead People who have a hard time in the clan are still having a hard time and they have been paying close attention to the development of the old nine houses In the past four years the old nine houses under the leadership of the old five houses have had a much Grey Marble Slab better life than those in Shenjiacun Several elderly clansmen came to the patriarch's home and sat in the yard talking about the changes of the Shen clan in Qiushan in the past four yeae patriarch is a long room is also a direct branch

Now there are four elders from the other seven houses who are the same generation as the patriarch as well as several people from other houses who are also in t past few generations And today's patriarch is still within Carrara Marble Slab five clothes as long as the clan does not fall the capital is the biggest support of the long room "The patriarch held two walnuts in his hand and he rolled them around and they were all smooth and smooth" What doble for us not to have any ideas No matter how the nine rooms were separated it is undeniable that the nine rooms are members of our Shen clan People can open up to the outside world and so can we But I can also understand Laowu's way of doing things

If we don't ask or ask for it people won't rush to send it There is no other meaning to come today just want to tell the fourth brother (patriarch) is also a greeting in advance We can't control whether your family wants to plant or not but we want to plant We'll go to Qiushan Village to find Laowu later The speaker was an old man who was the eleventh in the line of the patriarch He was fifty-eight years old and now he is also a very old man Go Pietra Gray Marble go as long as you can make nine house five promise to send seeds I will not be that villain I can't stop you The patriarch dare not stop nor will he stop He knew thsure to rob the pepper of the Shen family is also the reason for the Lei family

Or an ordinary scholar out of things there must be people who want to rob perhaps the aristocratic families also look down on the profits of pepper but the general petty officials are not necessarily With the face of the Lei family the officials of Shouxian County and other petty officials could not do it behind their backs Although Shen Qinghe is not afraid of those officials it is better to do less than more He can live a peaceful Nero Marquina Marble Slab and stable life Why should he cause trouble Juner why are you in a daze Seeing that his grandson did not speak after getting on the bus and had been staring outside in a daze Shen Qinghe was very strange He did not know that his grandson was calculating how much money he had in his private house His younger brothers and sisters were clamoring for him to bring gifts He was very distressed It was not that he was stingy but that he did not have many private houses in his hands He did not know if he could buy gifts for his younger brothers and sisters In four years his family had a sister and the second uncle and the third uncle had a younger brother Now they are all one year old and they can walk a few steps slowly holding the bench

Now there are eight brothers and sisters in their generation The youngest three are all two months old They are the same age If he wants to buy gifts he has to buy them all He can't stop buying them because they are still young But he doesn't have much monou back when my grandson earns money" "Why do you really want it back" "Really" Shen Yijun's tone is firm All right how are you going to earn money But don't delay your study  forustone.com