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Hades wife love (Hades wife you are too bad--Mencius Chen Tang Ling) Professional

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After the magic fairy comes to this place who else can you look for if you don't look for the misty fairy! These things are not what I care about now What I care about is how to slip away from the eyes of the fairy Hidden escape method and so on there are several very strong methods in the part of my memory left by the desolate days but now my strength is only the true fairyland and there is still a long way to go from the peak of the true immortal If I use such a method even if it was once the peak of the true immortal I could only barely escape from the hands of the misty fairy and I could not do it Did this woman bring me to the x52 line pipe floating star to torture me or to imprison me Either way it's not good for me! So it seems impossible to escape from this side in a short time! I had a headache and thought of many ways but none of them was feasible It seemed that I could only be at the mercy of this woman for the time being The celestial beings moved very fast in the starry sky

There is a legend that these snow maple trees are watered by the blood of the gods In ancient times there were gods who fell here Gradually such peculiar plants as snow maple trees grew here After all hearsay is hearsay and no one knows what the so-calleggest building of Piaomiao Star After arriving here 316 stainless steel plate a group of warblers and swallows frolicked and when they saw the misty fairies coming they were a little restrained Then countless pairs of eyes looked at me curious surprised and shocked It's probably the first time I've seen a fairy bring a man here! She exclaimed again and again and even several of the female immortals at the peak of the true immortals stared at me in disbelief Hi Lan Xian Mei Xian Don't come unharmed! Anyway I had come here and I didn't think of anything else I smiled and greeted some of the top female immortals

For these women the memory of the barren days is really very deep when they were chasing several galaxies can not be impressed The faces of the fairies were a little black and they glared at me mercilessly If it weren't for the misty fairies they would probably be able to beat me directly! "All right don't crowd around here and do what you have to do!" Being surrounded by onlookers the misty fairy was a little helpless and said to one of the 316ti stainless steel fairies in a gentle voice "He will stay here for a period of time and arrange a room for wouldn't have a good look at me Is that your attitude towards your guests I glanced at her and said "Be polite I was invited by the fairy anyway Don't be so fierce!" The fairy snorted and turned away My strength could not be used and I was still wrapped up in the power of the ethereal fairy but my actions were all right and I tidied up the room Take it as it comes It's much better than I expected At least it didn't abuse me What's not to be satisfied with Not long after a sound of footsteps came from far to near lksteelpipe.com